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FOX News
Dec 11, 2012 12:00am PST
did take a break from being the world's only super power. what if we let europe defend europe and south korea defend south korea and said we will take care of ourselves for awhile. >> and my great fear is the chaos that arrives from that. >> why do you fear chaos, sir? >> excellent point. >> the argument though is that these other countries that want to replace us don't have an idea. but america is an idea. so when america decides not to be in charge you lose the idea of exceptionalism that other countries don't have. >> but do we care? >> i don't know. >> what if we just put charles in charge? >> of our days and our nights? >> scott baio would do an excellent job. >> i think he would. >> have you seen the women he has been with? >> not recently. >> all of them. >> really? >> can you picture nicole eggert at the white house? >> i met scott baio's wife is dynamite and nicole eggert is not bad and pamela anderson. >> and heather locklear. >> allegedly on that one. >> it is true. got it from tommy lee. >> bill asked if being given a 24% chance was overly optimistic. you said you
FOX News
Dec 13, 2012 12:00am PST
about eastern europe. you know what is great? neither of them said anything about this. a day has gone by and neither has responded. that makes me love serena. she does president president what to get lost in the nonsense. >> by the way, do you think she will say it is racist or just that it is funny. >> the fact that she didn't respond makes me think she is upset if she didn't defend her friend. i would say ninety% of the banter between me and my friends is making fun of each other. >> it makes fun of your stupid velvet jacket. >> you better believe it. and even cultural things that have come from somebody else. they are friends and she is making fun of her and i'm sure serena made fun of her. to call it racist is sad i think. >> bill, you actually dress the same way when you are escorting elderly men across town. >> their vision is bad, so they assume they are with a shapely female. that's when i take them for all they're worth. i think katherine -- caroline, sorry. maybe there is an old racist stereo type trope to what she was doing. i guarantee you she does not though that is an ol
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2